About Us

The Silver Lining growth story

Silver Lining started in 2005 with a single entrepreneur who had $2000 in her account and a big desire to help small businesses while creating something new and having a little fun along the way.

“Our Silver Lining” strives to be a lot like silver. Silver is a strong metal. It is the foundation of practical products like coins and machinery.  But, it also has an edge.  Jewellery, art installations and modern uses of silver all make strong statements. From the beginning,  we wanted to be practical and deliver, but simultaneously do it our way – with an edge.

The first 6 years of Silver Lining’s growth brought many of the start up highs and lows that all small business owners face. An amazing sense of freedom, major client screw ups, more debt than expected, questions, breakthroughs and an intense passion to figure it out and make it work. During this time the SLAP™ methodology was created and implemented in thousands of small businesses.

After doing what we do with a consulting model and then a training model we realized that if we really – and literally- wanted to change the economy one small business at a time (and we do!) we had to get a lot more clever about how we were actually going to do that.  So we decided to build a software product.  In a lot of ways we through our established company back into start up mode and decided to take all of our lessons and learnings and experience and translate that into a core product.

We are now an international company, working with small businesses all over the world. We offer a variety of support services, from our core online tool- SLAPcenter.com – to online courses and to dedicated personal support all designed to grow small business profit. We will constantly be improving our offering and adding to it based on what we see small businesses needing.   And we will continue to do what we do because we truly want nothing more than to see more small business owners making money doing what they love.  We know it is a crazy hard journey to get from start to profitable and sustainable.  We’ve been there and we’re here to help.